Lead Generation

Business Leads
New DBA Filings
Existing Business Filings
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Real Estate
Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Mortgages (FHA, VA)
New Mortgage filings
Oil & Gas lease research
Deeds (Warranty, Survivorship, Certificate of Transfer, etc)
Mineral Deeds
Sherriff Deeds
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Attorney Lien
Child Support Liens
Federal Tax Lien
Mechanic Lien
State Tax Lien
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Other Leads
Bankruptcy Leads
Debt Settlement leads
Divorce Filings
Marriage Records
Probate (At this time, we are not accepting "Estate Only" research)
Sex Offender Search
Speeding Ticket Leads
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Civil Records
DUI/DWI Arrests
Jury Verdicts
Major Claim (Lawsuit) Filings
Personal Injury leads
Pre-bankruptcy leads
Settlements from Lawsuits ($20k+)
Small Claim filings
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