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Our Company History

JBS was started as a small web design company in 1996 in West Michigan. As time progressed, we began offering other services to local businesses. In 2002, we began to expand our services to include other business services to all that came to us. Today, we have clients that require services across the United States and Canada.

We currently hire independent contractors to perform various tasks for us across the country. We specialize in court research, but our interests don't stop there. We are expanding into other areas to bring as much work as possible to all, allowing for as much opportunity as possible. While many positions require some sort of experience, we offer training to motivated individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves to our cause.

JBS believes in taking care of our community and the people around us. All products and services that we provide to clients are for the benefit of the consumer being contacted. We will not knowingly provide data to a client that takes advantage of individuals, or offers products that are not in their best interest.

In Jan of 2010, JBS and Jellybean Services split into two separate companies, and the beginning of JBS as it's own entity was born. JBS continues to handle everything related to court research while Jellybean Services handles marketing, sales, and other various responsibilities not relating to JBS.