Direct Mail Marketing

Have something that requires handwriting but don't want to do it? We'll do it! We can do:
  • Thank you cards
  • Invitations (Weddings, parties, ect)
  • Graduation Cards
  • Christmas cards
  • Letters
  • Recipes
  • And much more.

    Have a mailing campaign but just don't have the time to do it? For a small fee, we will:
  • Print your one paged, black and white letter
  • Fold it neatly
  • Place into a #10 business envelope
  • Hand write your return address on it
  • Hand write the name and address the letter will be going to
  • Seal the envelope
  • Place the postage on the envelope

    Included in the fee is:
  • Printed letter
  • #10 envelopes
  • Paper and ink to print letters
  • Pen to hand write addresses
  • Labor to hand write addresses
  • Sealing of the envelope

    You will need to provide the following:
  • Form letter, mail-merged letter in electronic format, or invitations
  • Names and addresses
  • Postage

    For delivery of the direct marketing mailers, you have a couple different options. You can pick them up, we can ship them to you via UPS at your cost (1,000 envelopes cost aprox $16 for ground shipping, and takes 2-3 days to deliver), or we can stick them in the mail for you!

    The cost per envelope varies on the size of the order and number of pages per envelope. We charge between 28-40 cents per envelope/card based on sized of order. Give us a call at 866-616-8999 or at