Why Work for us?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Work at home opportunities
  • We allow you to work for other research companies
  • We understand if an issue comes up! No more fearing for your job.

  • At JBS, we don't restrict our court researchers. If you can only work part time, great! You can only cover one county? While we prefer you cover more than one county, that's ok too! Do you work for another court research company, and just looking for more work? We're okay with that. We only require that you do not share information. Anything that you collect for us, stays with us. Any training or client information remains with JBS at all times. At JBS, there is no such thing as conflict of interest!

    We believe in taking care of our court researchers. All researchers are paid, even if there is a payment problem with a client. If there is a weather issue, just communicate with us. We'll understand, and so will our clients. We will never force you to visit when the weather is bad, or during a local emergency.

    We hire only independent contractors. What does this mean for you? It means you pick your own schedule. We give a time frame when you need to visit, and you can go whenever you want during that time. You collect only the information that fits the criteria.

    We put our people first, and our wallet last. We're here for you.

    Please note: Do NOT call about the job position. You must apply through the website.